Rear View With Wooden Counter Top & Internal Shelf
EDGE 1x1 Straight Pop Up Display Counter
SEG Graphic (Silicone Edge Soft Fabric Graphic)
EDGE 1x1 Counter + Carry Bag & Pouch

New EDGE SEG POP UP COUNTER With Slicone Edge Soft Fabric Graphics


EDGE is an elegant range of next generation, flat pack, tension fabric pop up displays, designed to hold Silicone Edge Soft Fabric Graphics (SEG) and offer a sleek seamless presentation


The strong, yet lightweight aluminium frames offer excellent structural stability and they are less than half the weight of traditional  magnetic pop up systems too and systems can be assembled in about 10 minutes


EDGE systems are available in 3x3 and 4x3 curved or straight frames and are supplied in a semi rigid wheeled carry bag. Options include Halogen or LED Flood Lights and Channel Bar Kits to dress graphics to the rear of Straight Systems Only 


The range also includes five stunning Light Box options in 1x2, 1x3, 2x3, 3x3 & 4x3 Straight frame styles. These systems include LED Rear Lighting Kits and a semi rigid wheeled carry bag




The final item in this range is an ultra-lightweight 1x1 counter with a wooden counter top and a single internal shelf. This compact and highly portable system is also supplied in a padded carry bag with a pouch for the wooden counter top & wooden shelf


EDGE Counters can be asembled in about 5 minutes, simply expand the frame into position on the floor, connect the mechanical locking arms together and attached the hinged channel bar sets


To mount the soft fabric graphic, lie the frame on the floor and gently push the silicone strip on the perimiter of the graphic, into the slot in the channel bars on the front and edge of the frame, then stand the frame up and the graphic will be taught


Finally add the wooden counter top and internal wooden shelf


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