Q: I have just received my first banner stand from Space Services, how should I start?

A: Our banner stands and pop-up systems are designed to be easy handled by anyone; their set up requires absolutely NO TOOLS. Nonetheless, simple, short set-up instruction sheets are available for download in the Product Page from our website.

Q: I have found two types of profiles on your website, how do I know which one works best for my display?

A: It really depends what kind of medium you are printing your graphics on. For media such as fabric or vinyl, it is suggested to use Snap profile, as they are softer and do not go well with adhesive material. For media such as photo paper, which works well adhesive material, it is suggested to use Adhesive Panel Strip profiles. Choosing the correct profile can improve your display's attractiveness. However, a adhesive compatibility test is highly recommended before your choose which kind of profile works for your media.

Q: In the product specification, are the visual sizes the exact sizes of my graphic printing?

A: For the retractable banner stands, you will need to spare 250mm on the length of your printing and this is for the installation onto the roller. For instance, for a graphic visual size of 850mm W x 2150mm H, the actual size of your print will be 850mm W x 2400mm H. Of course, the 250mm spare area will be left blank and it will be invisible once the graphic is installed.

Q: I would like to have flexibility on the height of my display, what can I do?

A: In order to have a flexible height, you can go with our adjustable pole. With an adjustable pole, your height choices will be anywhere between 1000mm to 2150mm.

Q: I have opened the lid of Supreme / Mini by mistake, and lost the tension on its roller. What can I do now?

A: Before you open up a Supreme or Mini, ALWAYS remember to put the roller-locking pin back into space. Otherwise, the roller will jump and the tension will be gone. When this happens, please contact us immediately and order a replacement roller.

Q: I am really interested in your products, but I don't have any purchasing plan right now. How can I be updated with the latest Space products?

A: Please submit your e-mail in our Contact Us page and we will keep you updated with our latest products and promotions.