Simple Magnetic Connection
Assemble In Seconds
3 Unit SCROLL MC Roller Banner Wall
Position Bases Together
3 Unit Scroll FINESSE Roller Banner Wall
3 Unit MINI Roller Banner Wall
3 Unit SUPREME Roller Banner Wall
3 Unit DUAL Roller Banner Wall
3 Unit LITE Angled Banner Wall
Angled Magnetic Banner Lock
Angled Magnetic Banner Lock
3 Unit LITE Straight Banner Wall

Create impressive, low cost graphic walls by connecting LITE Tensioned Banners together with Angled or Straight Magnetic Banner Locks


Simple to use magnetic connection means assembly takes only a few seconds


Connect multiple Roller Banners together with Straight Magnetic Banner Locks, to create impressive lanscape style graphic walls


Straight Magnetic Banner Locks can only be used with DUAL, SUPREME, MINI, SCROLL MC and FINESSE Roller Banners with snap style top rails


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